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Helping you attract and retain talent.

Hospitality and leisure is one of the most exciting and diverse industries to work in. But hiring is tough right now and many potential candidates are put off by outdated perceptions. That’s why we have developed a new pledge that only businesses in Westminster have the opportunity to be part of.

Take the pledge and we’ll help you recruit candidates.

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Our Pledge

At the heart of this programme is a pledge from employers to candidates. The goal is to help shake off those outdated perceptions of working in hospitality and leisure, while also attracting quality candidates.


For you, your profession and your life choices

We will champion diversity, promoting inclusion in our teams and everything we do.

We will adapt our practice to respect and respond to diverse needs and ensure that everyone feels included.

We will always listen, respect and respond to issues and ideas raised by all our team members at any level.


In different ways for your contribution to the team

We will provide good levels of pay, recognising the importance of each individual to the team, never paying below the London Living Wage.

We will provide a range of additional benefits, beyond pay, to reward in ways that are important for each individual.

We will be flexible in our working patterns and practices, striving to agree shifts that work for you and for us, giving us both more certainty.


Support to develop a career you want

We will help you chose how to progress, identify opportunities, and get you on the right path.

We will support your progression through training, learning new skills, and promotion.

We will celebrate your successes, big and small, with rewards and recognition for great team performance and personal achievement.

The Process


Sign the pledge

At the heart of this project is a new pledge employers are making to potential applicants.

Before joining the programme you’ll need to review the promises made in the pledge and decide if they’ll work for your business.

List your jobs

No repetitive or complicated forms here. One of our recruiting team will take the details of the roles you’re hiring and add them to our opportunities list.

Then we’ll get to work finding the right candidates from our database of people actively looking for roles in hospitality and leisure in Westminster.

Trial shift

All of our candidates are pre-screened and ready to work, so you’ll be able to focus on making sure they are the right fit for your business.

You can either choose to invite in staff for a trial shift, or let our recruiters schedule an interview with you and the candidate.
Start recruiting

Common Questions

What is this project?

We know that behind every great business is a hard-working team. In response to the staffing shortages that many businesses are experiencing across the hospitality and leisure sector, Westminster Council are launching a recruitment programme aimed at encouraging new groups of people to work here in Westminster.

In addition to an advertising campaign aimed at attracting candidates, we’re also offering businesses a free recruitment service. This will consist of a team of professional recruiters who will source and vet candidates at no cost to employers.

Who are you?

The project is funded and organised by Westminster Council. The professional recruiters will be provided by Step Ahead.

How much will it cost employers?

There is no cost to employers at any point. This programme has been funded by Westminster Council.

How long does it take to get applicants?

After completing the application process, Step Ahead will be directing candidates to you within a few days.