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Free career support for your next step

Virtual and free to access, Westminster Works Fastrack offers accredited courses and personalised support to connect you with employers at established hospitality businesses in Westminster. This is your trusted, easy path to a fresh start.

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Affiliated Companies

Westminster’s hospitality and leisure businesses are adapting to the changing ways that people want to work. Companies that we work with are, amongst others…

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Guaranteed interviews


London Living Wage


Personalised support

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Sign up to our free and flexible course to get ready for your next job in hospitality and leisure.

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Within 4 weeks, gain transferable skills, confidence, and a recognised qualification in Customer Service.

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Start your new career journey with guaranteed interviews and connections with Westminster’s prestigious hospitality and leisure businesses.

Our Pledge

When you start working for a Westminster Works employer you become part of a respected, valued, and progressive team that will help you to get the most out of your future. These employers pledge:


For you, your profession and your life choices

We will champion diversity, promoting inclusion in our teams and everything we do. We will adapt our practice to respect and respond to diverse needs and ensure that everyone feels included. We will always listen, respect and respond to issues and ideas raised by all our team members at any level.


In different ways for your contribution to the team

We will provide good levels of pay, recognising the importance of each individual to the team, never paying below the London Living Wage. We will provide a range of additional benefits, beyond pay, to reward in ways that are important for each individual. We will be flexible in our working patterns and practices, striving to agree shifts that work for you and for us, giving us both more certainty.


Support to develop a career you want

We will help you chose how to progress, identify opportunities, and get you on the right path. We will support your progression through training, learning new skills, and promotion. We will celebrate your successes, big and small, with rewards and recognition for great team performance and personal achievement.

What people say

I had a great experience learning under Amos, he has a great way of explaining the courses (L2 Understanding Excellence in CS for Hospitality and Employability Skills) and making you feel welcome.

Anjeli Desai, November 2023

I have just completed the stepahead employability course with Amos who was excellent. The course was very well structured and easy to understand. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their employability and learn new skills.

Marcia Campbell, December 2023

Great on having customers service in hospitality course, my tutoring sessions Mr A. Famino went very well. I was pleased with all of the tips and personalised information given to help my specific needs.

Islam Mazari, October 2023

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